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Superstrings are the singer Carolin Heiss and guitarist Marc-Sidney Müller - a song writer and score composer duo located in Munich. Both write songs for their band project Superstrings and film music for German and international cinema and TV productions.

Superstrings has released two albums „Speechballoon“ and „Sound Of Slow“ via their own record and soundtrack label Man High Music. Further single songs are being released and written also exceptionally for movies.

The team is also working as music supervisors and music editors for licensed source and original music.


Superstrings is also working as music supervisors and music editors for licensed source and original music.

  • Sonnenplätze director: Aron Ahrens, Maverick Film, 2024
  • Enkel für Fortgeschrittene director: Wolfgang Gross, Claussen & Putz Filmproduktion, 2023
  • Da Kommt Noch Was director: Mareile Klein, Berghaus Wöbke Filmproduktion, 2022
  • Fett und Fett TV Series, Trimafilm, 2021
  • Hannes director: Hans Steinbichler, Lailaps Film, 2021
  • Enkel für Anfänger director: Wolfgang Gross, Claussen & Putz Filmproduktion, 2020
  • Mein Ende. Dein Anfang. director: Mariko Minoguchi, Trimafilm, 2019
  • Servus Baby director: Natalie Spinell, PSSST! Film GmbH, 2018
  • Becks Letzter Sommer director: Frieder Wittich, Claussen&Putz, 2015
  • Wölfe Mitten im Mai TV Polizeiruf 110, Claussen& Putz, 2015
  • Wir waren Könige Walker & Worm Filmproduktion, 2015
  • Im Labyrinth Des Schweigens director: Giulio Ricciarelli, Claussen&Putz Filmproduktion, 2015
  • Der Verlorene Bruder director: Matti Geschonneck, Claussen&Putz, 2014
  • Vatertage director: Ingo Rasper, Claussen&Putz, 2012
  • Offroad director: Elmar Fischer, Claussen&Putz, 2012
  • Hell director: Tim Fehlbaum, Caligari Filmproduktion, 2011
  • Die Farbe Des Ozeans Südart Filmproduktion, 2011
  • 13 Semester director: Frieder Wittich, Claussen&Putz, 2009
  • Maria, Ihm Schmeckt‘s Nicht director: Neele Vollmar, Claussen&Putz Filmproduktion, 2009
  • Krabat director: Marco Kreuzpaintner, Claussen&Putz, 2008
  • Stellungswechsel Claussen&Putz Filmproduktion, 2007


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